Annual Picnic / BBQ

Back in 2000-2005 the annual picnic held in late July on a Sunday afternoon, was a day for Knights and their families to enjoy at Deer Lake, hosted at Dan Byrne's cabin.  The Council provided the drinks, burgers and hot dogs, and everyone brought a dish to share.  Everyone would go swimming, boating and generally have a wonderful time.  Knights that had boats would bring them to offer rides around the lake.  There were usually around 40 to 60 people attending.  The Picnic was then moved to Bear Lake for a few years as the group had outgrown Dan's cabin.  The Knights were asked by the pastor to transform the picnic into a Parish-Wide activity so it was moved to the parish grounds (around 2010) and was open to the entire Parish.  The Knights continued to provide drinks, burgers and hot dogs and everyone attending brought a dish to share.  The Knights organized games for kids of all ages and there were anywhere from 100 to 400 folks participating.