Pro-Life Faith Booth

The Pro-Life Booth is held the the Spokane County Fair. This event has been going since before 2000 and is a joint activity between all the Spokane area Knights of Columbus councils.  The Knights of Columbus rent a booth at the Spokane County Fair every year and the organizer contacts all the councils who each commit to providing $200 towards the booth rental.  The Knights and their family members staff the booth for one full day. The Saint Thomas More Knights have traditionally staffed the first Saturday of the Fair, which is well attended. St. Thomas More Knights break up the day into two hour shifts with at least two Knights or a Knight and his Spouse or family members present.  The Pro-Life Booth is located in an excellent location,near the main entrance and gets a lot of traffic.

The booth has displays consisting of life-like latex models of a child at various stages of development in the womb, generally 10 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks and 30 weeks.  Also present are numerous free educational materials and resources to educate people on how and when life begins and its inherent value, as well as the value of life for the elderly and ill.  We also give out bumper stickers, posters, and stickers for the kids and have "precious feet" available for a donation.

The most interested visitors to our booth always seem to be kids between 6 and 18 who love to handle the models and ask lots of questions, and often pick up a model to show their pregnant mom how big their little brother or sister is right now.  It is always a very positive experience for those working the booth and is a great way to spread the message tha all life is precious