Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees
  • Consists of the grand knight and three other members, who are elected by the council’s membership for terms of three years, two years and one year
  • At each regular election, the position of each trustee will be voted upon, with the current three- and two-year trustee potentially moving on to become the two- and one-year trustee, respectively
  • Supervises all financial procedures of the council and conducts the semiannual audits
  • Ensures that proper protocol and procedures are followed by the council for the payment of monies — however, cannot override the vote of the council’s membership

The trustee medal of office is composed of an axe and fasces overlaid with an anchor, positioned over crossed swords, surrounded with a laurel wreath and suspended from a ribbon of green. The fasces is an axe bound with rods. The swords symbolize justice and honor. The laurel wreath symbolizes special service. The trustees are generally past grand knights, and this is the reason for the anchor over the fasces. The ribbon of green symbolizes loyalty in love.

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