• Assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight with their duties, as assigned
  • Is entrusted with strengthening the members’ interest in council activities
  • Is recommended to serve as the chairman of the Admission Committee
  • Performs other such duties as the grand knight may direct

It is recommend for the chancellor to be familiar with the Order’s qualifications for membership, the Membership Document (#100) and the Member/Prospect Interest Survey (#1842). The medal of office of the chancellor is the Isabella Cross, overlaid with a skull and crossbones, suspended from a ribbon of black and white. The Cross represents atonement and the love of God, who sent to us his only begotten Son. The skull and crossbones are symbolic of man’s mortality and the vigilance required to remain faithful at all times. Through the unity of the council, brothers help each other remain steadfast in their faith. The ribbon of black and white signifies strength and goodness.

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