• A priest chosen annually by the grand knight, deputy grand knight and board of trustees
  • Acts as spiritual advisor to the brother Knights and families of a council
  • Provides his message to members at the beginning of the meeting as outlined in the Method of Conducting
  • Council Meetings (#10318) or whenever it best suits his schedule
  • The chaplain should attend meetings of the council — including officers’ meetings — whenever his schedule allows, as his advice is frequently needed

Additional information on the role of the chaplain is contained in the Chaplain’s Handbook (#945). The medal of office of the council chaplain is a silver Isabella Cross, overlaid with a descending dove, suspended from a ribbon of black. This style of Cross is associated with Queen Isabel of Spain, promoter of the voyage of Christopher Columbus. A Cross is a symbol of hope through atonement, reminding Christians of God’s love in sacrificing his own son for humanity. The dove, emblem of the Holy Spirit, represents the gift of the Word of God. The ribbon of black represents strength and authority.

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