Financial Secretary

Financial Secretary
  • Is appointed by the supreme knight for a three-year term upon the grand knight and trustees’ recommendation
  • Must complete and submit the Application for Appointment as Financial Secretary (#FS-101)
  • Collects dues from members through the timely sending of billing notices and initiates retention measures by providing a list of delinquent members to the grand knight (to prevent members from being suspended for nonpayment of dues)
  • Ensures that the council’s membership records, including email addresses, are kept updated and that new members sign the constitutional roll
  • Receives honorary and honorary life membership cards from the Supreme Council and provides them to the grand knight for distribution
  • Files various reports and membership/insurance transactions with the Supreme Council
  • Has a working knowledge of the Knights of Columbus website, Officers Online and the Member
  • Management/Member Billing Applications
  • Responsible for completing and submitting a Form 990 for the council
  • Keeps the seal of the council and affixes it to membership cards, resolutions and other official
  • documents
  • Performs such other duties as the grand knight may direct

Additional information on the duties and responsibilities of the financial secretary can be found in the Knights of Columbus Leadership Resources Book (#5093) and the Summary of Financial Secretary’s Responsibilities (#10238).

The medal of office of the financial secretary is a key and quill surrounded by a laurel wreath, suspended from a ribbon of yellow and white. The key is associated with guardianship, while the quill is the symbol of a “scribe” — one who writes and keeps track of various letters and documents. The laurel wreath acknowledges the special service of the financial secretary to his council. The ribbon of yellow and white represents intellect and goodness.

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