Grand Knight

Grand Knight
  • Presides over all council meetings
  • Appoints program and membership directors
  • Appoints committees as needed
  • Countersigns orders for payment and checks
  • Ensures the submission of all paperwork required by the Supreme and State Councils
  • Maintains working relationships with the council’s chaplain, district deputy, field agent and general agent, as well as with other local service organizations (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, food pantries/soup kitchens)
  • Has a working knowledge of the website, Officers Online and Member Management
  • Responsible for his council’s First Degree Team and the scheduling of frequent First Degree Ceremonials

Additional information to assist the grand knight in the performance of his duties can be found in the Grand Knight’s Guide (#5085), the Knights of Columbus Leadership Resources (#5093) and the Method of Conducting Council Meetings (#10318). Further details are also available on the Fraternal Training Portal. The medal of office for the grand knight is an anchor suspended from a ribbon of purple. The anchor is symbolic of Christopher Columbus, the mariner, who is the patron of our Order. The anchor, for centuries, was also a variant form of the Cross and symbolizes Christian hope. The ribbon of purple symbolizes authority and justice.

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